How to Manage Appointment Setting through Cold Calling

Appointment setting can be defined as process of setting up an appointment between the business representative and the client or business prospect. This is usually done through cold calling on the phone or by having a face to face meeting with the client. This concept of targeting appointment setting has become so relevant that companies outsource this task to professional appointment setting services. Thus appointment setting is no longer confined to just fixing up a time for a face to face interaction. It has serious implications like generating qualified sales leads, shifting the focus on prospecting meetings and getting quality face time with decision makers.

Just like a cold calling campaign you can have a parallel appointment setting campaign for B2B lead generation. This task will require the application of your conversation and interpersonal skills. This is a team task if you plan to achieve higher targets. The telemarketing team needs to gear up for this task and plan accordingly.

To direct a call conversation towards appointment setting, there needs to follow a categorical flow. The call needs to begin with the usual introduction. With skilled conversation, it has to lead to discussion where doubts and queries of the client are satisfied by the business representative. During this course the conversation should lead smoothly and close into an appointment setting.  Social marketing proves to be an important tool in appointment setting through cold calls. Research conducted in various channels of social networking gives you a fair idea about the existing B2B scenario, the methods of lead generations and the expectations of your clientele. This can help you channelize your efforts and reduces wastage of time.

The representatives who deal with these types of calls need to be experienced and skilled. The prospects should not feel that they are being pushed into fixing an appointment. The course of the cold call should be gradual. At times it may take more than one call for setting up an appointment. There is a high possibility of rejection during these calls. Prospects may be patient to listen and understand the business opportunity but may not oblige to setting up an appointment. Some of them are unsure about it and can be convinced into it. The skills of the caller determine the success rate of appointment setting. They need to convert the soft negative responses into positive ones by taking control of the situations. For the direct negative approaches after discussions, the closure needs to be professional and graceful. This can leave the possibility of still having the opportunity open in near future which is a positive sign.

If you have planned an appointment setting campaign, it is a team work. You need to plan and divert tasks to the team members so as to balance the campaign systematically. There is a possibility of conflicts over targets, achievements and failures too. You need to look into the execution of the campaign and also be there to provide solutions and boost the morale of your team when required.

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