How to Measure Content Marketing Strategy with LinkedIn New Tools?

Content marketing is widely used by B2B business as one of the effective corporate marketing strategy. But according to the Content Marketing Institute survey 93% B2B marketers use content marketing, only 42% consider themselves effective at it. To optimize the content marketing efforts it is crucial to measure it's impact. In response to this situation LinkedIn introduced two new tools named Content Marketing Score and Trending Content , to help B2B marketer to measure the effectiveness of their content.

Content marketing score

Content marketing score tool helps to understand impact of your paid and organic content on LinkedIn .It measures member engagement with your Sponsored Updates, Company Pages, LinkedIn Groups, employee updates, and Influencer posts . Content marketing score is calculated by dividing the unique number of users engaged with your content over a one-month period, by the number of active target audience over the same period. This score can be filtered by region, seniority, company size, job function, and industry. In addition to this score content marketing score tool , ranks your score against your competitive set to help you to compare your score against this set of competitors. This tool also gives you recommendations on how to improve your score.

By tracking performance in this way on a monthly basis you can measure the impact of your content to engage your target audience, and can restructure your content strategy to optimize engagement with your target audience.

Trending content

Trending content tool gives you insight into which topics matter to your target audience by ranking of topics that resonate with LinkedIn members Currently,Trending tool accumulates the information on LinkedIN about the most popular content on topics: small businesses, health and pharmaceuticals, financial services, automotive, executive, high-tech, IT, marketing, students, and venture capitalism. You can discover the most shared articles across the web. by Clicking on one of these topics

Together these resources not only quantify B2B marketers' content influence on LinkedIn, but also helps them to enhance their content strategy accordingly. Sad news is that as of today, both these tools are available to customers with a LinkedIn account representative. This might be because these customers are most likely to spend on sponsored ads once they identify the most relevant content for their LinkedIn audience.

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