How to Measure Effectiveness of Content Marketing

Content marketing is widely used by businesses to accomplish a variety of goals,like lead generation, customer acquisition. One of the topmost challenges is to measure content marketing effectiveness.
Here are the different metrics that can be used to measure and gauge the performance of your content marketing efforts.

Website Traffic

Quantity of web site traffic generated is one of the metrics to measure effectiveness of your content marketing effort. The qualitative aspects of website traffic generation should also be taken into consideration while measuring the content marketing effectiveness. This qualitative aspects of web site traffic could be bounce rate, time on site, and pages per visit etc.60% of B2B marketers use web traffic to measure effectiveness of content marketing

Number of leads generated and number of leads converted into sales

Number of leads generated through your blogs, atrticles, whitepapers is also an effective way to measure your content marketing efforts success. But the quality of lead should also be taken into consideration, like how many leads actually converted into sales.

Social Engagement

Content which evoked lot of social engagement across all social media channels can be considered as effective. Social engagement can be measured by number of tweets, retweets, replies, comments, likes etc.

Social media sharing

Social media sharing metrics gives you an idea of whether your audience likes your content enough to share it with their networks. This metric includes number of shares, reblogs, Diggs etc. Social media sharing metrics also help you to understand of how your content is influencing your audience.

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