How To Plan B2B Business Blog?

Blogging is one of the effective content marketing tools. To capitalize the benefits of blogging you need to plan your business blogs. Following are the key points of planning a B2B business blog


Strategy involves identifying your target audience, topics, and keywords. Identifying your audience and your goal of blogging is important. Analyse your target audience to know
Their interest
Their geographical locations
The ways in which they find and consume information.
This audience analysis will help you to decide your blogging topic.
Keyword research is another important step while developing blogging strategy. Before starting to blog, research keywords and keyword phrases you think your business should rank for. By developing your blog around these keywords will increase visibility of your blog on search engines.
After audience analysis and keyword research, identify purpose of blogging. Do you want to blog for 1) developing realtionships2) Lead conversion3) inform current customers. This will enable you to develop your rest of the business blog planning
Decide on frequency of your B2B business blogging. At least once a week is suggested, but businesses can post up to once per day.


At this stage plan your blog design. Customize your business blog design to make it easy for readers to explore articles. Use categories and tags effectively Your business blog should accurately reflect the image that you want your business to convey Add a company logo to associate the blog with your business..You can add subtle call to action to achieve desired purpose of your business blog. Organize the blogging task effectively by assigning responsibilities to capable people. You can have one blogger or multiple blogger for your business blog.


At this stage you need to plan the ways in which you will analyse the results of your blog. You need to track the blog’s performance on a regular basis. You should analyse the source of people coming from2) How long do they stay on? 3)Do they engage with you by commenting on your blog? You should report and review the results weekly or monthly. This evaluation will help you to determine any flaws in your blogging and adjust your business blog accordingly.


At this stage you need to plan the ways in which you will promote your blog. You can promote your blog in number of ways like on social media, marketing emails etc. You should decide how will use these channels to promote your blog. Marketing of you blog is necessary to achieve your business goals.

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