How To Promote Event Through Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation software helps you to automate your marketing activities. But these tools need to be used by taking into consideration your marketing strategies and marketing goals. If Marketing automation used strategically can benefit your in number of ways. Here in this article we will take look at how can you use Marketing automation for your events marketing.

Events whether online or offline are integral part of marketing activities. To capitalize the benefits of events for your business, you need to maximize the event participation. Event participation can be maximized by promoting event effectively. Marketing Automation helps you to promote your event across multiple channels. Following are the ways in which Marketing automation helps you to promote your event

Email campaigns

Marketing automation can be used for sending event invitations, reminders, post event communication to understand the response of event attendees. These various email campaigns relating to event (online or Offline ) can be handled by Marketing Automation technology. This allows you to concentrate on the event content and other core areas of your event by reducing the pressure of your event marketing team. You can use lead nurturing capabilities at marketing events .You can run nurturing campaign to encouragie people to register for event.

Build landing pages

Marketing automation can help you to build landing pages to capture event registration ,to offer event surveys, and other methods for capturing attendee's information.

social media

Marketing automation can help you to promote your event over social media. You can share event,event participation, over variety of social network. Many Marketing Automation softwares integrate with various social media channels

Events gives businesses a logical reason to create a sustained flow of communication. Through Marketing Automation you can build a effective nurture program leading up to and following event.

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