How to Use LinkedIn to Promote B2B Event?

LinkedIn is number one social network for professionals. .LinkedIn has ample opportunities for B2B businesses to promote their events , conferences or Trade shows. These are the professionals who will be interested in B2B trade shows,events,conferences.Their professional interest or objective is driving factor behind attending those events. B2B marketers can take advantage of this to promote their events. But your event,conference, should be relevant to their professional objectives. You should promote your event to those whose professional objectives are aligned to your event ,if you promote to wrong audience it won't pay you off. Here are the ways to promote B2B event on LinkedIn

Use the LinkedIn profile of Employees responsible for event planning

Employees responsible for event planning should have LinkedIn profile. Their LinkedIn profiles should be up to date and should state that they work for you. They should contribute to LinkedIn on a daily basis and getting connected up with their networks .This will help them to promote event to actually those people who are genuinely interested. This will increase your conference or Trade show participation. For example if you are hosting a conference about exploring B2B marketing,then if your employee is active on LinkedIn he can promote event to his network of marketing professionals. There will be an active audience that's actually listening at your event or conference.

Optimize LinkedIn company page

optimize your LinkedIn page by updating your organization page at regular intervals. Build up fair number of LinkedIn connections by publishing on regular basis. Create or join LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn Groups provide ample opportunities to promote your event in these groups if your event is aimed at a particular subject or group of people. You can join relevant groups and strike up interesting discussions around your event.

Create LinkedIn group

By creating your own group you can create opportunity for event attendee to join you after event. This will help you to extend your connection with attendees post event. Here you can discuss about the feedback of your event, which might help you for your future event.

Use speakers network on LinkedIn,

You can ask speakers to promote your event through their networks. They must be having engaged networks who are already interested in events your presenters are speaking at.

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