How to Use Video Marketing for Lead Generation and Lead Nurture?

Video marketing is speedily becoming popular lead generation tool. According to Cisco video will account for 69% of all traffic by 2017. Here are the ways in which you can use video marketing for lead generation and lead nurture.

Integrate video marketing with marketing automation

By integrating video marketing with marketing automation you can align your video content with every stage of sales cycle Marketing automation helps in effective lead nurturing by providing right content at right time. If that content is a video content then it could optimize your lead nurturing program. Videos increases the audience engagement, because people prefer video than boring text to consume content. Videos help to present complex information in engaging and easy way. You can map videos to specific stages of sales cycle,from initial awareness to long term customer.

Optimize videos with keywords to expand audience reach

Optimizing your videos with keywords and phrases used by your target audience. This improves visibility of your video on search engines. This helps you to attract organic traffic to your website. To boost your lead generation through videos use short videos and promote them effectively across all channels like social media, blogs etc. You need to make people aware of the video to generate leads. Provide call to action after video to generate leads. Your call to action should reflect your goal to generate leads. The goal is to get in front of new people and drive them back to your website, where you can educate them about your product/solution.

While developing videos for lead generation you should consider thought leadership webinars or interviews. Interview experts in your industry. This will be informative for your target audience. You can use this type of video content as an offer in your email marketing.

Lead generation in your video

You can use video previews to give your audience an idea of your video content, then pop up a lead capture form right inside your video player – which, in turn, can send the lead record straight to your marketing automation. By adding lead capture in your video , you can also measure the success of your video marketing with metrics, like leads generated or new prospects.

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