How to Utilize A/B Testing?

A/B testing is speedily gaining importance to maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Here are some different ways it can be utilized:


To maximize your conversion rate you need to create the most effective CTAs .CTA helps to prompt a visitor to click and continue down in sales funnel. It guides visitors about what to do next on your website. CTA has has many different elements that you can test for example, the wording on the button Download Now, or get the whitepaper, location of the CTA on your website,landing pages like bottom, left, right style and size of CTA buttons simple gradient, small sized , large sized, color, etc. You should test one variable at a time. Testing too many variables at a time can lead to confusion.

Landing pages

Landing pages are created for certain offers, Webinars,to download whitepaper,ebook. The design,layout of landing page has huge impact on lead conversions. You need to test different design, layouts,headlines and other elements of landing page to check which design, layout yields better result. Test two different versions of landing page ,send half visitor to one and send half of visitor to other version of your landing page. This will help you to see which version is working best and why.

Lead capture form fields and length

Your form fields, length of your form and type of information you try to get through this form ,impacts your lead conversion and lead generation. If your form is too lengthy then visitor might not complete the form. If you are asking too detailed information then visitor might not be interested in providing those details. You need to A/B test different forms to check how visitor responds to each version. You can use progressive profiling to balance your form fields and length.

Email subject lines

Email subject lines often determines to open your marketing email or not. This is an important element of marketing email. You need to A/B various elements of your email subject lines like length,keywords used, how your reader respond to ALL CAPS,active verbs etc. You need to create two versions of your email subject line like version A and Version B and send it to small segment of your email list to see how recipients respond to your creativity and experiments

Email Sender names

Sometimes experimenting with email senders can make a difference in your email open rates. You need to test what email sender names yields desirable results for example email sent by sales representative,CEO,or just your company email address.

Length of copy

Length of your emails,landing page content can make huge difference to your lead generation and lead conversion rates. Sometime larger message works and sometime short messages works. You need to test what is working best with your audience a longer one or shorter one.

A/B testing gives you ample scope to experiment and explore different elements of your marketing campaigns. Utilize A/B testing to optimize your marketing efforts by using the most appealing elements for your audience.

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