Image centric marketing a need of today's social media marketing

Social media marketing is evolved significantly over past few years. Staying at par with the changes has become very important. One of the biggest trends in social media marketing is image centric marketing. According to Trend Reports, between 65 and 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners.

Benefits of image centric marketing

1. Easy to grab attention

Articles with images get 94% more total views. Incorporating images is natural way to capture attention. In an information age people get flooded with lot of contents, If your post has nothing but the text it may turn off your subscriber. People are not intended to spare extra time to read long winded posts. Images can help you to grab the attention of your subscriber.

2.Images help in thorough understanding of a topic.

Quality written texts are indeed persuasive but adding supportive image explaining topic can add edge to your content. This can be utilized while guiding subscribers about how to use your product. A step by step direction with supportive images will make easy for subscriber to understand your product uses.

3.Helps to make your post more vibrant

Incorporating right pictures adds splash of color and makes your post more vibrant. This can spice up your post in contrast to only text, making your post visually stimulating.

4.Image centric social networks are rising

Pinterest mainly revolves around the exchange of ideas via visual content. This is followed by a brief description to help users and search engines find content. Facebook, and Instagram. have made it easy to upload and share images and photos online.

5.Images are interactive

You can communicate much more effectively to your subscribers through images. They speak for themselves and are more interactive. The best example of this is infographic. Infographics are used to provide statistical information. In depth ideas could be conveyed by using minimal text and engaging images.

6.Boosts your SEO

SEO can be boosted by adding a few images to your post along with relevant image tags.
This includes the image file name, Title, Alt and description tags. Properly labeling these tags enables Google to index your content. Using image tags help you improve your Google rankings as well as make the images themselves more accessible.Take advantage of whatever tagging system they offer while posing images to social media sites.

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