Improve ROI of Trade Shows by Maximizing Trade Show Participation

Trade shows are important marketing tool used for lead generation. Trade show serves various purposes like getting new customers,having face to face interaction with existing customers.Looking at the money invested in trade shows B2B marketers try their level best to get as much ROI as possible out of their trade shows.

Following are the ways in which you can improve ROI out of your trade shows

Try to involve media

Majority of the industry trade shows are attended by journalists too. Journalist attend industry trade shows to check out new interesting product trends for their write ups.You can request your show organizers to share press list over email. Some organizers do or some organizers don't share press list. If your organizer shares press ;list with you then you can identify the outlet in your vicinity and can try to contact reporter in advance.You can share your booth information with the reporter and can ask him to stop by and check out your company.If you don't get press details in advance then you try to mingle with the journalists on the day of show. Trade shows are good medium through which you can develop relationship with reporters.

Prepare your press materials

Typically journalists attend majority of trade shows to gather interesting information for their write ups.You should develop press kit which you can easily hand off to them.An ideal press kit should have press releases relating to all new products you are displaying, fact sheets on your offerings, images, company background information regarding your important company executives.Press release give media required information if they don't happen to check out your booth. These materials should be available in printed and electronic format.

Be social

To maximize the attendance use social media networks before,during and after trade show to create that buzz.You can build excitement a moth or week before your trade show. This could be done by adding behind the scene pictures, videos, of what you will be showcasing at the trade show on social media channels like Facebook,Instagram, Twitter.During trade show be active on these social media platforms by posting some live videos and images.

Host some events or shows at your booth.

This is the best way to grab attention of your prospective lead and media. This show should be relevant to your product and services. If you are non stick cookware manufacturer then host a show of chef cooking using your cookwares.

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