Insights of Content Marketing World 2014

Content marketing world 2014 has come to an end. Below are the important themes of content marketing world 2014 event, to help organizations to improve their content marketing efforts as a way of meeting important business goals.

Innovative and personalized content

Flood gates of information are opened to the people due to evolving technologies and information abundance. Content marketing has become an integral part of corporate marketing. Everyone is in the race of grabbing customer’s attention through their effective content. To stand out in this crowd your content has to be unique and innovative to grab customer’s attention. According to Ann Handley content should focus on empathy and experiences rather than adding to the noise with more ‘stock’ articles and blog posts. Focus on relevant and inspired stories. Anyone can write if they focus on being useful.

Leverage influencer with your marketing needs

Role of influencer in content marketing for lead generation is well known. But leveraging influencer with marketing need is also equally important. According toLee Odden of TopRank’s “it isn’t just about identifying influential people in your space — it’s also about qualifying them for your marketing needs” Checking out influencers' content quality,engagement, frequency through multiple sources is necessary to leverage influencer with marketing needs.

Content marketing is at early stage

According to Peter O’Neill research shows that content marketing is at early stage. Most people think marketing content is useless or overwhelming,it represents what happens when organizations don’t bother to evaluate content effectiveness.

Evaluating the content effectiveness in terms of relevancy, connecting to customer’s buying cycle is important to get desired results from your content marketing efforts. Lack of evaluation, proper content strategy aligned to your businesses goals leads to short term and bad decisions

Create meaningful content

Creating meaningful and relevant content is a key to success of content marketing.Accoriding to Joe Pulizzi Your sweet spot is between what you know and what your customers need to know.”This is another great way to verify the value of the content you are generating. Your content should address the questions that your customers need answers to. Don’t waste time in producing content that doesn't fill this void.

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