Interactive Content A Need of Today's Content Marketing

Generating leads is the challenging task for B2B marketers.78% of marketers state that generating more leads is the biggest challenge they face. Content marketing indeed helps in lead generation, but you also need to work hard towards the quality of your content. Content is a king in content marketing. The more your content is engaging the more your chances of lead generation increases. Here interactive content comes in picture. Interactive content facilitates a dialogue between you and your subscriber. This opens door to present your content in new and exciting way which helps to keep your subscribers engaged. Assessments, benchmarking tests, ROI calculators, interactive infographics, interactive whitepapers, these are the examples of interactive content which marketers are using currently in their overall content marketing strategy.

Here are the benefits of incorporating interactive content in your content marketing

Enables the conversation with your audience

Interactive content enables a dialogue with your audience. While developing interactive content you ask certain questions to your audience. This helps you to understand your audiences' pain points and gain points, their problems issues, and topics on which they want to gain more knowledge. Such a dialogue-inspiring and tailor made content delivers dramatically more value.

Customizes the experience for each subscriber or prospect

Interactive content allows you to present a customize content to your subscribers. Customized content means buyers are able to connect with the dynamic, bespoke information presented to them.

Interactive content enables you to gain more information about your prospects

While developing interactive content you ask your prospects certain information relating to their interest area. During this process they might tend to provide deep insights to themselves. This might be useful to you to fill out profile information for lead scoring and triggering campaigns.

Interactive content open door to present your content in new and exciting way.

Interactive content helps you to present big information into bite-sized, consumable pieces .These are usually tailored for your prospects. Through this you help users to get invested in process which keeps them engaged with you.

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