Interactive White paper A New Way of Developing Your Whitepaper.

In our earlier article we briefed you about the importance of interactive content. In this article we will talk about the things you should consider while developing interactive whitepaper

What is interactive whitepaper?

Interactive whitepaper presents your content in customized manner to respective prospects.Interactive whitepaper gathers profile information from prospects and then accordingly customizes a white paper for that particular buyer.
While developing interactive white paper certain questions are asked to prospects. These could be about their specific industry, location, size, role in the buying process, and Pain points and gain points, areas of interest.. After analyzing this information, a white paper is customized for the buyer’s specific situation.
The result of this is that the buyer is presented with only the most relevant, personalized, and refined information. This enables the prospect to connect with the content instantly.

Difference between interactive whitepaper and traditional whitepaper

Interactive white papers provide prospects with tailored data, which is quick and easy to access. This enables buyers to simplify their research process Traditional whitepaper don't involve any customization as per prospects situation and needs hence it doesn't connect with prospects instantly.

Here are the things you should consider while developing interactive whitepaper

Establish goal

Define the goal behind developing whitepaper. This will help you to determine the level of customization you want to provide to your audience.

Decide on areas of customization

This has to be decided by taking into consideration your audience perspective. For example, would your prospects prefer to be defined by company size? Role? Industry? All three? What sections of the white paper will you customize for each of these dimensions?

Storyboard your content

Larger scope of work may result into providing interactivity. Define your scope by developing content storyboards. The storyboard will likely have some sections shared among all readers and others sections that offer to provide more customized, relevant content.

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