Is Lead Scoring Right for You?

Lead scoring is one of the best ways to handle a company's growth. As a business starts to scale and more leads are generated, it often gets difficult to get in touch with every single lead. This is the point when you must ensure that your sales team is prioritizing their time based on the most qualified leads. Following are a few questions that you must ask yourself before implementing lead scoring.

1. Are there enough leads?
If it is a new business that you are starting out, you probably may not have enough leads, if this is the case, you do not need to implement lead scoring. At such an initial stage businesses still spend time to figure out what makes a lead qualified. One way to figure that out is talking to your leads to figure out what the most qualified ones have in common. Focus on this first.

2. Does the sales team call the leads sent to them?
Implementing a lead scoring process is not an easy task. There is a lot that goes into figuring out which properties to include in your lead scoring process and how many points to assign. Before you spend your time and efforts implementing lead scoring, find out if your sales team actually call leads sent to them. If they are not doing so, you have an issue with your sales-marketing departments. you must resolve these issues before implementing lead scoring process.

3. Is there enough data to implement lead scoring?
There are a few requirements which must fulfill before you implement lead scoring. First is to make sure you have enough data. Data about leads that didn't convert and you also need data about leads that converted. It will help you figure which factors served as a good indicator that someone is qualified and vice versa. If you're just starting out, give yourself time to generate more detailed contact insights before you consider lead scoring.

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