Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Positioning You as An Authority in Your Industry?

Many organizations use content marketing strategies for lead generation and lead conversion . Organizations try to attract target audience through engaging content and by positioning themselves as authorities in their industry. Organizations try to be their audience’s one-stop resource for getting the latest industry news, relevant how -to information videos,emerging trends, and much more. But evaluating your content marketing efforts is necessary to know whether your content marketing strategy effective enough to position yourself as an authority in your industry Here are the questions you need to ask and find answers, to determine whether your content strategy is helpful to establish you as an authority in your industry

Are your keywords and phrases effective enough to send traffic?

Through Google analytics you can know whether your keywords are actually sending you traffic or not.. It takes the data from Google as well as other search engines to measure your keywords in terms of their effectiveness in sending traffic to you.

Is your content engaging?

To drive organic traffic to your site, you need to develop customer centric content. Your content need to address the customer questions,concerns and issues. You can perform competitive research to understand which topics your competitors in your industry are focusing. Conducting detail audience research by poll on social media, through buyer persona you can identify the interest areas of your target audience. Content is king in content marketing and your audience decides the topic,style,types of your content.

Is your content trusted resource for your target audience ?

This can be ascertained by finding out the percentage of your blog subscribers. This can be calculated by dividing the number of visitors by the number of subscribers. This metric will help you to determine if your audience considers your content,blogs as trusted resource of relevant information required by them. To put it in simple words your audience researches for something on search engines and you provide them required information to get organic traffic to your site. If your content is not effective enough to gain trust ,attention and confidence of your target audience then all your content marketing efforts go waste.

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