Keep Web Site Visitor Longer On Your Site

Technology opens flood gate of information. This unlimited supply of information relating to entertainment, learning etc makes it difficult to focus. which is why average human attention spans decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds between 2000 and 2013. In these infinite distractions keeping your website visitor longer on your website is challenging task. The longer you keep your website visitor or audience on your site, the higher are the chances to convert them. Your website has to be compelling enough to keep your web site visitor longer on your site.

Following tips can help you to keep your audience longer on your site

Improve web site page load time

Audience or Web site visitor get frustrated when website takes long to load If it takes more than 3 seconds to load then there are higher chances of your audience leaving your site. Long time to load web site also affects your search engine rankings and increases bounce rates. This impacts your lead generation and lead conversion

Interactive content

Interactive content facilitates a dialogue between you and your audience. It keeps audience engaged. You can host a quizz using tools like Quizzr or encourage followup discussion on your content.

Connect Web site visitor to new information by optimizing internal links

Internal links are useful to connect audience to blogs and product pages. Your job is to guide your audience to things they might like. These internal links enhances audience experience by connecting them to things they are interested in.


Retargeitng is way through which you can bring back your audience ( who left your site before engaging with your brand and service ) back on your website Retargeting involves engaging with audience across all channels, based on web site visitor data. Retargeting is helpful to Keep people on your website longer by consistently bringing them back.

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