Landing Page Best Practices : Create a Short Lead-Capture Form to Prevent High Bounce Rate

A lead capture form can be a frustrating, annoying and overcomplicated thing for a visitor. As a marketer when you design your lead capture form, it is very crucial to keep in mind that it should be an easy task for your prospects to fill the lead capture form. If it is frustrating and complicated, your prospects will sure skip filling lead-capture form and you might loose a conversion.

In study conducted by HubSpot, which anlyzed over 40,000 landing pages found that conversion rates improved by nearly half when text entry fields were reduced from 4 to 3. The study also revealed that there is a strong negative correlation between the number of drop-down menu fields and conversion rates.

When creating your signup form, keep your main objectives in mind. Only ask potential leads for information necessary to achieve your objectives. The more fields you ask potential leads to fill out, the more drop off you’ll experience.

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