Landing Page Mistakes That Affect Your Lead Generation

Landing page is a heart of online marketing. Effective landing page design is important to optimize the benefits of landing page for lead generation. In this article we will take a look at some landing page mistakes that can affect your lead generation.

Misleading headline

When visitors see and click an ad, or offer they have a few expectations of what they would see on your landing page. your Landing Page headline should be in accordance with your PPC ad, offer
For example, let’s say you run business of electronic goods . To beat competition you are offering discount on certain products say for example you want to offer 20% discount on Microwave.You designed Landing Page for “Microwave”. And let’s say your ad asks the question “Looking for the best and cost effective Microwave?” then if your landing page headline says “Cost effective bluetooth earbuds” then it won't be in accordance with your “microwave ad. This might frustrate your visitor.

Not providing incentive for First time visitor.

Providing incentive to first time visitor can optimize the benefits of landing page. People are always interested in perks and incentive. You can offer discount coupon to first time visitor. Offering incentive give them a reason to get in touch with your company today.

Not performing A/B testing on landing page.

A/B testing of your landing page is necessary to know which landing page variation gives you better results. Change is always inevitable, you just can't stick to one design of a landing page for ages. You need to change the design by taking into consideration your target market. A/B testing is necessary to judge the impact of these changes on your business. This will help you to find out your own help you find your own secret recipe to attract your visitors.

Content strategy for each visitor depending on his level in sales funnel

Right content at right time is key to successful online marketing. Landing pages are integral part of online marketing strategies. Your landing page should provide relevant content to the visitor based on their level in sales funnel. For example For visitors in top funnel , your landing page should provide them information about how your product is beneficial for them by addressing their pain points and gain points. For visitors in middle funnel your landing page can provide customer testimonials or what others feel about your product or service

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