Landing Page Segmentation A Key To Boost Your Lead Conversion.

What is landing page segmentation?

Landing page segmentation involves splitting up your traffic based on visitor demographic,traffic source,keyword,browser, operating system etc then serving each of these traffic ‘segments’ a different version of your landing page based on the information you have

Why landing page segmentation is necessary?

Your online traffic is like mixed fruit basket similar in many ways but still different from each other as to certain elements. Marketing your business to such a mixed crowd is challenging. The challenge here is to provide right content, information,offer appealing to everyone. This task becomes much easier when you group similar people together into segments and provide each segment a different version landing page. You need to strategically design landing page by understanding your visitor to provide right information ,offer relevant to his/her needs. This targeted landing page engages an individual with your brand with right messages. This can dramatically improve your lead conversation rate

How landing page segmentation helps to increase conversion rate

Through segmented landing page you can resonate with your visitor by creating relevant message. This creates an opportunity to generate lead by capturing visitor contact information. You can then nurture this lead down your sales funnel by segmented marketing via email, phone calls, or social media to convert it into sales. Lets take a example Joe's pizza. Joe's pizza wants to beat competition by offering 20% discount for a month. . He can make two different landing pages one for High-school students and one which will appeal to his family buyers. This will help Joe's pizza to boost lead generation by presenting right offer to right group of people through segmented landing page. He can then run targeted Facebook ads, send out segmented emails, use retargeting tactics and other inbound marketing for each page. This will help Joe's Pizza to increase its lead conversion

Landing pages are integral part of your online marketing strategies. There are various tactic to employ landing page to increase lead conversion. Segmenting landing pages is one of the techniques of using landing pages. Are you using this technique to boost your lead conversion?

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