Lead Generation Best Practices - Create a Lead-Generating Website

To have a rock solid lead generation engine in place you must have the best converting lead generation website. Following are some lead generation best practices that will help you create a lead generating website which will increase your conversions and will also improve your site's trusr factor and authority.

Contact number:
Adding a contact number on your website help build costomer trust and lends credibility to your offer. Whether they buy anything or not, but a phone number present there will certainly put them to ease.

Post forms on all pages:
An easily accessible lead generation form will definitely increase the number of viable leads through your website. Make sure that your lead generation form is not too long, the less information they ask, the more people would likely fill it.

Add user reviews and testimonials for credibility:
Testimonials are a powerful tool to build trust & credibility. And adding a user photo will enhance this further. TUser reviews and testimonials create a powerful impact on future buyers and help them in making a descision.

Use trust seals:
Incorporating a trust seal on your website can increase conversion rates. These trust seal could be an antivirus trust badge, payment gateway trust badge, privacy badge, hacker safe etc. As online fraud rises, it’s important for customers to feel secure.

Test your Lead generation process:
Anything you change or implement on your website must be tested to determine whether its working as desired. Quality & quantity of leads generated should be the judging factor. You must test all crucial design changes before applying them site-wide.

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