Marketing Automation to Track Customer’s Experience

Marketing automation is a software, specially designed for marketing organizations. This software effectively does marketing through online channels like websites, social media, email and automate the tasks which are repetitive. Marketing automation helps marketer to track the customer‘s experience on all the channels.

Marketing Automation includes below technologies

  • Database - It maintains the activity histories of customers and leads. The marketing automation tool helps you to import and export the lists. You can look at each and every profile and find out which actions that lead has taken, for example, which webpage he has visited, which form is filled, which webinars he has attended, what data he has downloaded.
  • Email Marketing Engine - Email is the most effective marketing tool. It is observed that automated campaigns are more successful and have a higher conversion rate than non-automated campaigns. With the Marketing Automation, you can create email marketing campaigns. Use content which can be changed with the recipient’s profile. Include links, which can track the results like how many times it has opened, it has clicked and bounced.
  • Lead scoring - In this process, numerical value is assigned to leads action and attributes. This way you can find put where the lead stands in buying process and can we spend time on that lead. This is possible by Marketing Automation. With the help of sales team, you can assign values in buying cycle. Lead scoring is important while doing follow up. Leads which have crossed some threshold, can be sent to the sales department for further process.
  • Automated programs - With the Automated programs, you can easily automate the scheduled follow up messages. It saves the time of manual tracking and sending follow ups.
  • Website visit tracking - It tracks the valuable information such as, who has visited the website and they look for which pages. You can set alerts, which helps sales team to know when a particular person visited the website.
  • Social Marketing - With Marketing Automation, you can acquire customers through social marketing. With the help of social publishing, you can share with many channels. Use a tool which can find out leads through the keywords.
  • Landing pages - Marketing Automation creates the landing pages, which is a web page that opens when visitor click a link in an advertisement, blog or email. You can add specific and important information on the leading page.

This way by using marketing automation software it becomes easy to track the traffic, which helps you to find out whether any specific campaign is successful or not.

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