Maximize Success of Your Email Marketing Deliverability with These Tips

Email deliverability is very crucial to any email marketing campaigns. Email deliverability refers to percentage of emails actually delivered to intended recipients. There are many factors responsible for successful email deliverability ,few are in your control few are not.

According to WhoIsHostingThis Over 20% of marketing emails never make it to a subscriber’s inbox.

Following tips can help you to maximize the success of email marketing deliverability.

Send emails to subscribers who want to receive your email

According to WhoIsHostingThis: Removing subscribers who have not engaged in over a year instantly increases your deliverability rate by 3 to 5%
Send emails only to those contacts who are already engaged with you and who want to receive your email. Don’t send emails to subscriber who unsubscribed. Prepare a list of unsubscribed contacts. Allow subscribers to edit their email settings. This will give subscribers the ability to opt out of certain types of emails, and to receive certain type of emails without having to opt out altogether

Keep your email list clean and healthy

Scrub your email list regularly. This is important to keep your list free from invalid email addresses, duplicate email addresses. This is also helpful to avoid high bounce rate. High percentage of bounce rate is an indication that your email list is not clean.

Analyze your email response rates

Analyze your delivery rates, bounces , unsubscribes, complaints, opens and click-throughs. Analyzing these response rates enables you to understand reasons behind low email marketing deliverability . For .e.g low open and click through rates is an indication that your content is not engaging which may lead to higher delete rates affecting your email marketing deliverability.

DKIM Authentication

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an authentication protocol used to verify the emails you send out using an ESP .This gives authenticity as to this email is actually coming from you only ,to receiving server. This will help to improve email deliverability. This authentication is vital because, all ISPs are enhancing their authentication protocol to avoid illegitimate sender

Follow Can -Spam rules

The Federal CAN-SPAM law introduced a number of rules regarding the sending of commercial email. Make sure your are following these rules and regulations while sending emails

Send more engaging and relevant emails

Quality of your content is not directly related to email marketing deliverability ..Bad content may lead to low open and Click-throughs rate, and high unsubscribe rate. It may definitely affect your future email marketing deliverability.

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