Not Getting Enough Qualified Leads? Use Marketing Automation

Marketing automation help business to increase qualified leads. Leads are very crucial to nay business. If there are no leads there won't be revenue generation. Boosting qualified leads is a challenge faced by B2B marketers. According to The Annuitas Group businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

Lead score functionality of marketing automation helps to measure interest of your lead in your product and services. This data gathered from marketing automation solutions, helps you to score and grade leads. This way only the most qualified get passed on to sale

Marketing automation makes lead nurturing easy. This enables to stay in touch with your prospects over long sales cycle. According to SiriusDecisions the average sales cycle has increased 22% over the past 5 years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process.Marketing automation helps to create nurture path within an automation system. Nurture path can have from 6 to 25 emails. which leads people down the complex sales pipeline. With lead nurturing, sales reps won’t waste time pursuing leads who aren’t yet ready to buy and marketers can prevent cold leads from slipping through the cracks. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads

Marketing automation facilitates unknown Web Visitor Tracking.More than 97% of visitors won’t fill out a form on a website.Marketing automation helps to track these unknown visitors (the 97%) that would otherwise go unnoticed. Identifying these lead will increase lead volume significantly. Marketing automation can recognize the leads that are more engaged, from these unknown visitors. This will help the sales team to focus on the most leads that have the highest potential to convert into sales..

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