Optimize Your Marketing at Each Stage of Consumer Decision Making Process.

We make decisions at every moment. For example what to have for lunch today? Should I spend my leisure time with friends or by watching TV. Unintentionally we keep on making such decisions. Few decisions we take in fraction of second and we take time for few decisions.

Consumer buying decisions are also like this. Some are taken quickly and some take lot of time. Understanding this decision making process is important for effective marketing of your product or services. You should optimize your marketing efforts at each stage of consumer decision making process to win over your competitors.

In 1968, researchers Engel, Blackwell, and Kollat developed a five-step model of the consumer buying decision process Known as EBK model). This model is still useful for your business marketing today. In this article we will take look at the five steps of the EBK model and the ways in which you can optimize your marketing at each stage.

1.Need or problem recognition

This is the first step in consumer decision making process. In this stage consumer recognizes his or her needs, problems. Consumer tries to find solution to improve his current state , or satisfy his needs. Those needs could be anything like for example need of new technology to boost the speed of work and save time, how to win over the competitors and so on.

At this stage creating brand awareness is very crucial. Your marketing should highlight customer pain points and how your brand can help him /her to change his or her current state. Customer should be aware of your expertise to solve problem.

2.Collecting information.

This is the second step in consumer decision making process. After identifying problem customer starts to research about possible solutions. The more critical purchase decision longer is the process to research. Consumer would do more in depth research relating to features, price, etc.

Due to information age buyer has become self directed. He doesn't call company to get the details. He researches online to get that information. Visibility of your business online is very important at this stage. Your search engine ranking is very crucial. A strong content marketing strategy will help you to educate buyer during his research.


This is the third step in consumer decision making process. Generally consumers have certain criteria against which they evaluate your brand, product or services..You should be aware of these criteria to be deal breaker. There are many ways to understand this like building buyer persona, Personalization of website according to consumer attributes.

Your marketing should address to these criteria and their needs.


This is the fourth step. Consumer had made his mind to purchase from you. At this stage you can evaluate your marketing success by analyzing marketing reports to know how your marketing activity affected sales. For this you need to have robust reporting system.

5.After sale

This process doesn't stop at purchase. After you sold your product or services to buyer,your goal should be to create long term relationship with your buyer.

Consider this five step consumer decision making process in your marketing to optimize your marketing strategies.

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