Personalization & Relevancy - The Key to success in New Era of Email Marketing

Whether you're sending an email, newsletter, a special offer or an invitation, email marketing solutions makes it easy to send the auto response to grow your business. With an email marketing solution is in place, you can send emails and track results. But if you have an email marketing system in place and still failing to produce the revenue you expect, there is something you are missing out.

Email Marketing services help businesses boost customer retention and to increase revenue. It help marketers to do things right, create quality, eye-popping emails that work, save time, save money and get the message out to the masses. The key to reach masses is personalization & relevancy. If your emails aren't relevant to your prospects, clients & subscribers, your emails will definitely get un-noticed and are trashed or they might also land in SPAM folder. According to a study "consumers are 26 percent more likely to open emails with personalized subject lines and marketers have found a 760 percent increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns". So, personalization and relevancy is the key to a successful email marketing. A successful email personalization strategy has three main components and they are:

1. Segmentation: Segment your subscribers, customers and prospects according to their activity. Efficient and effective segmentation can be done by grouping customers by their browsing patterns, things they bought, and also their browsing activities. Once you have your segments ready, it's possible to create custom email messages to these specific segmented groups.
2. Dynamic content: Email blasts with one-content-interests-all type messages just don't work. Majority of these emails will be marked as SPAM and all future emails will then land in Spam folder. According to a survey "74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appear to have nothing to do with their interests". To make sure that your subscribers open these emails, it must be personalized & the content should interest them. That's why 75 % of enterprises will invest in personalized messaging in coming year.
3. Automation: As your business grows, it will get difficult to pay attention to individual customers. But with an email automation solution marketers can easily create workflows to send personalized, relevant emails (or series of emails) to individual customers at right intervals with right information at the right time. These interactions will help you grow & scale your business.

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