Problems Associated with Sending Emails too Often

Another big question you may ask yourself is how often to send an email to your prospects and subscribers. This is entirely up to you, of course. But there are certain guidelines and pitfalls to sending emails too often. Email marketers can run the risk of damaging the relationship built up with a customer by sending emails too often, causing customers to either ignore or trash your emails. Following are the problems associated with sending emails too often

1. Your clients will get burnt out and not read any of your emails

2. You'll spent a lot of money with less ROI than you'd like

3. You run the risk of customers hitting the spam button, even if you've gotten their permission to send

4. You'll waste time sending a message that doesn't reach the masses

So, how often should you send emails to your subscribers? As far as sending too much, if you like to send often, it is recommend not to send emails more than three times a week. Once a week is a good schedule, as is once every two weeks. You can go for once a month, but that probably won't make your ROI worth your time.

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