Quality Wins Over Quantity In Terms Of Leads

In B2B world, the focus has been shifted from quantity towards the quality of the lead. Almost all the surveys and reports published in the year 2015 so far have reported that this has been a major concern for marketers around the world. The DemandGen Report's "2015 Benchmark Study" analysis the quality of leads over one another.

The report states that marketers find lead scoring as one of the best ways to judge and determine the quality of a lead, especially the behavioral scoring. Behavioral scoring showcases the prospect's interest level in the buying processes, which a sales representative can clearly identify and act accordingly. Over half of the respondents in the survey said that they are willing to pay 10% more for a lead which has an attached scores. Lead scoring is a critical measure which rates your leads. Higher the score, better the leads is and better are the chances of it getting converted into a sale. Scoring leads is also very critical for your ROI, as it saves you money as well as your sales team's time. Your sales team can spend that time on more valuable prospects.

DemandGen Report’s “2015 Benchmark Study” reported that the top two tools B2B buyers use for achieving their goals are multi-channel lead nurturing and predictive lead scoring.

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