Role of Printing in Business Communication

Businesses have excessive documentation of all types. The documents may be account worksheets, sales and marketing brochures, communications, business reports, policy documents and so on. Nowadays it has been observed that organizations are getting conscious about the excess cost that goes into various aspects of printing like the number of copies, the volume of paper used for printing, cost of cartridges, high tech printers and so on. As one of the cost cutting policies and as a measure of environment conservation, most of the organizations are getting into effective management related to printing documents. This aspect does not appear to be that prominent or significant but it does add to the costs and the mismanagement of documentation as it piles up.

Some of the aspects wherein printing and related measures prove to be crucial in business management can be mentioned as follows:

Costs related to printing can sometimes mount up tremendously if not managed properly. Printing of personal documents, printing excess copies of official documents and unauthorized printing can create problems. This can be managed by drafting appropriate policies related to printing.

Nowadays most of the business communication has been taken online and this has resulted in huge reduction of printing related costs. Similarly multiple printing also needs to be kept in check. Along with the wastage of paper, the costs of electricity and printer cartridges also need to be considered.

Marketing and sales campaigns often need a lot of printed materials like brochures, posters, and hand outs and so on. These are mostly colored prints and they too incur high costs. In such cases, it is advisable to plan the campaign and decide on the volume of the prints.   

The best option to reduce the print costs is to go green and help conserve the environment. Options like the use of online communication wherever possible can rule out the use of paper. Hard copies can be used for documentation that is essentially needed as a hard document. Similarly, emphasizing the use of recycled paper is also an effective measure. At the same time, as a business professional every person should understand the responsibility of being environment friendly.

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