Sales and Marketing Alignment with Marketing Automation

Sales function is a core of all business operations. If there are no sales there will be no revenue. prospects are crucial to any business. All business operations revolve around them. Alignment of sales and marketing is necessary to bridge the information gap between marketing and sales. Sales and marketing data should be integrated for keeping your customers happy. Happy customers lead to boost your revenue. For example, if the marketing team knows the exact mode and time of communication a prospect prefers. sales team can utilize this data for their sales operation for further business development. The process of this on-going information flow is the heart of any business.

Marketing automation helps to achieve this in following ways.

1.Marketing automation gives actionable information to sales team.

Marketing automation helps to build detailed customer profiles. Marketing automation software gathers this information based on customers’ purchases, email opens and responses, selected preferences and more. All this data is stored for future use. This real-timed data helps your sales team to have targeted and relevant conversation with prospects

2 Integration of Marketing automation and CRM allows to transfer information between sales and marketing

Most marketing automation software platforms can integrate with popular CRM systems, .. This integration allows to transfer lead information seamlessly between marketing and sales Integration gives sales and business development team all sales information as to every single digital action and touch point with both leads and customers

3.Marketing automation passes over qualified leads to sales team

Marketing automation passes over qualified leads to sales team. Lead scoring functionality of marketing automation software enables it to identify qualified leads. This is done by evaluating leads' level of interest based on implicit buying signals such as form submissions or page view. This saves time of sales and development team by not chasing the prospects who are not yet ready to buy.
Alignment of sales and marketing helps you to boost your revenue. According to SiriusDecisions
B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster three-year revenue growth, and 27% faster three-year profit growth. Marketing automation is the key to achieve this alignment.

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