Segmentation of Your Emails

personalized email messages helps to grab attention of the subscriber. Customers are now becoming more used to of this personalized experience. They expect your business market team to know everything about them. Customers are more happy when you give them personalized buying suggestions based on their past purchases. Whenever customer shares any information with you implicitly or explicitly that data has to be used wisely for your email marketing campaigns.

Segmentation of your email is important for following reasons


Following segmentation statistics can help you to know the importance of segmentation.

760% of email revenue came from segmented emails in 2013, up from 55% in 2012 DMA"DMA’s National Client Email Survey 2014"

No customer is same.

No customer is same. There are ideally different types of customers for any given business whether it is B2B or B2C. For .e.g if you own a pest control company you might cater to the customer having big office as well as the owner of a single family home. These are two very different types of customers having very different problems and needs They should be treated quite differently based on their needs. If you are email marketing, then your email message can't be the same for these two different class of customers. This won't be effective. Your email message should be tailored according to their needs to have perfect impact. This is the reason you have to segment your email list.

Needs and circumstances differ from customer to customer

As no customer is same their needs and mindset circumstances ,will also differ. For e.g if you have pest control company. You have customer A in your database ,who just shifted to new house. He shared his details with you as preventive measure just in case if he encounters any problem in future. There is another customer B with you who is staying in very old house which requires him to do Pest control at regular interval of time. You can't just write one email addressing these two customers. In this case their circumstances and needs differ. Your email will be effective if you cater to their circumstances and needs.

Through segmented emails your reputation will improve which will fetch you better results.

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