Sleeping Users? Tips To Manage Your Inactive Subscribers

According to WhoIsHostingThis"almost half of subscribers are inactive on an email list. Almost every business has inactive subscribers in their email list. These inactive subscribers are hard to ignore. Managing these inactive subscribers is a challenging task for majority of businesses. Here are tips to manage your sleeping users.

Why to manage these inactive subscribers?

Inactive subscribers are actually your potential customers. Instead of spending time ,money and efforts to find new customers, it is good to concentrate on these sleeping users. It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing. There is a need to understand these inactive subscribers to unfold the value of hidden treasure.

Here are the tips to manage your inactive subscribers

Define your inactive subscribers

Inactive subscribers are those users who have not responded to your emails or transacted with you for a set number of months Define your inactive subscribers in terms of this time frame.

Segment your Inactive subscribers

Segment your inactive subscriber based on their transactional behavior. There are two types of inactive subscribers (1)Transacted and inactive (2)Non-transacted and inactive. Both these segment might have different needs and you should target these needs by properly segmenting them. Segmentation also enables you to prioritize as to which group to tackle first. Accordingly you can plan your marketing strategies.

Decide on ways to re-engage these inactive subscribers

You can use these below mentioned techniques to attract and reengage your sleeping users
1.Offer them additional discounts
2.Ask for their feedback and try to understand why they have stopped responding to your emails.
3.Send a miss you email
4.Try innovating ideas to attract your inactive subscribers. Try catchy email subject lines, offer a surprise gift etc.

Don't expect immediate results from your re-engagement strategies

Don't expect immediate success out of your re-engagement strategies. Re-engagement takes time.

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