Techniques of List Building

A process of adding subscribers to your email list is called list building. Big and updated email list is the marketing asset to any business. Proper management and use of your email list will have positive impact on your revenue generation. It is indeed a very challenging task to expand your email list. With inbox clutter on rise customers are becoming reluctant to share their email contacts to avoid unwanted communication. Fortunately there are few effective techniques to expand your email list.

Following are the ways to build your email list

1. Placing email sign up box on your website

Place clear and conspicuous email sign up box on your website for your website visitor. This is very effective and easy technique. Few things should be followed while implementing this technique.
Look of your email sign up box should be clear and consistent
Email sign up box should be placed as part of your top banner or just below that
Explain the benefit of sign up to customers clearly. Like for e.g. the sign up will facilitate to give information relating to offers and discount relevant to customer or visitor

2. Mouth Publicity

offer a small incentive or discount to the subscribers who are on your mailing list for a long period of time. This will make subscriber talk about you and your product. You can capitalize this mouth publicity by incorporating the feature which allows subscribers or site visitors to forward products, notification to their friends.

3. Make Email sign up as a part of check out process

This is a proven technique. Ask customers about email at the time of sale. Explain customer clearly the benefits of signing up and what type of content to expect in email. You can encourage the customer to give their email addresses by offering them free gift on their purchase. This can include free gift coupons.

4. Customer Requests

Provide email sign up opportunities when customer requests for something. This could be online price quotes, catalogs, pamphlets, company information or research papers. This requires their email addresses.

You should try to follow best possible practices which will create win win situation for both, customer and you.

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