The 7 Best Email Subject Line Styles to Increase Your Open Rates

We receive hundreds of emails everyday, but how many of them do we open? Hardly a few. Ever thought why? Well it is simply either because you are too busy with your work, or the email subject lines fail to create any interest and do not encourage you to open that email. We are in an era, where we experience information overload. And we do not have time to absorb it all in. In this information overload, chances of your email being ignored are pretty high, unless you have an attractive email subject line to get in front of reader's eyeballs.

The email subject line is the first impression you create on a recipient's mind. In many ways an email subject line is more important than your email copy. After all, a great newsletter is worthless if it never sees the light of day. There are mixed thoughts when it comes to drafting & creating a rock solid email subject line. Below we have covered 7 different types of effective email subject lines that will help you improve your email open rates.

1. Simple Email subject lines:
A clear concise message in your email subject line is far better than a confusing email subject line. Emails which have a specific purpose, should have specific subject lines as well.

2. Funny Email Subject Lines
Everybody likes to laugh, and a funny email subject line may trigger a reader to open the email sent to him. As we all are very busy in our day to day life, an email with a funny subject line may just lit up your mood and you may open that email to see what's in there. If you know your audience well and your emails are targeted, a well placed joke can get your email opened and can earn major reputation.

3. Controversial and shocking email subject lines:
Controversy sells, that's the fact and in most cases it quickly grabs our attention. Using this controversy & shock statements in your email subject lines requires you to tread really carefully. this strategy requires you to be confident in your understanding of the audience's taste and perceptions.

4. Email subject lines with numbers and lists
We already know that blog posts with a number & list attracts more eyeballs than the ones without it. The same strategy applies to email subject lines. Incorporating numbers into your email subject lines attracts attention, as a human brain is naturally drawn to digits. Lists are easier for our brain to process and they create a sense of curiosity. In addition they also provide a quick and easy read.

5. Personalized email subject lines:
Incorporating personalization techniques into email subject lines is another way to increase open rates. Try location specific offers and language, or interest targeting. To use this strategy you must know your audience well so that you know what language, style and offers will be attractive to them.

6. Question and other punctuation in Email subject lines:
Question marks and unusual punctuation offer another method for standing out from the email masses. You can experiment with fun symbols or other loud punctuation to attract more eyeballs. Instead of a standard statement, ask your readers a question to immediately engage them.

7. Play with Scarcity tactics in subject lines:
No body likes to be left behind or missing out on an offer. That's what scarcity subject lines do to your readers. Email subject lines threatening scarcity (limited time offer!) tend to perform well. Simply throw in some scarcity words and you may be surprised how your click rates will change.

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