The Elements of Lead Management

An effective lead management program enables you to develop quality leads through automated lead generation campaigns that can be executed with minimum efforts. This program enables your organization to achieve the targets in terms of sales, marketing and customer relation management. In terms of data management, a good lead management program helps you to collate the existing data and create a crystal clear picture of the business status and client communication.

However, lead management is a much broader concept and involves several elements that form a part of it. The process of managing your leads begins right from the stage when you generate them. It is further nourished through various stages when you work on these leads so as to get a positive response out of this.

The various elements that describe the concept of lead management in a broader sense can be described as follows:

Generation of leads:

This is the first step where you use various strategies in sales and marketing to start the conversation with the leads. This can lead to generation of enquiries. Email communication, cold calling and other methods are a part of lead generation.

Inquiry for generating leads:

This is a process where instead of calling up on customers, you drop in your contact information anticipating a response them.

Capturing leads:

This is an important part of lead management. This involves gathering the information from the responses and inquiries that you have received. It may be through mails, phones, web forms, or web pages.

Scoring leads:

When you review the inquiries so as to anticipate a response from the leads, the process is termed as lead scoring. Lead scoring gives you an overview of the existing leads so as to prioritize them on the basis of high and low prospects.

Generating responses to leads:

Responding to your clients and customers is the most important task for any marketing and sales department. It is also important that these responses need to be positive, timely and consistent.

Once these steps are taken care of, one more thing that needs to be managed is the nurturing of leads. This is the most important process that requires strategic planning and communication within the sales and marketing teams. Lead nurturing helps to achieve the maximum if managed successfully.

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