The Fundamentals of A/B Testing in Email Marketing

A/B testing an email campaign allow marketers to be more efficient with their marketing campaigns. With A/B testing marketers can test the effectiveness of their campaign on a small sample group of their audience. The email that performs better can then be sent out to all of your subscribers, customers and future prospects. Testing gives marketers a better understanding of their audience and how they react to certain pieces of content.

A digital marketing channel give companies a better chance to test various elements and get immediate feedback on what subscribers and customers are interested in and how they’ll respond to different variations. As a digital marketer you must test and tweak every aspect of your marketing campaign on which you have spend money on.

Types of Tests:

Subject line : Every marketing email or newsletter that goes out must be tested for subject lines. The subject line test gives you great insight into what makes your subscribers open emails. The results that you get from this test will also have an impact on your future campaigns.

Content : Most marketers will test at least one element of their email creative and that can be as simple as a red or green button. The other content components that you may test are call-to-action button, an image, a content block, or the full message, testing different elements of the email body can be extremely educational for marketers. By analyzing what subscribers respond to you’ll be able to better optimize future campaigns.

Landing Page : What impact does a landing page create on your audience, whether your audience prefer a static page or they prefer a list of products, which layout drives more traffic, how does the landing page affect what users buy? All these questions and queries can be solved by testing and comparing the results of your landing pages & product pages.

Personalization : Personalization is a debatable subject when it comes to email marketing. We have heard both the sides, i.e. who favor personalization and the others who don't. So, how do you know if personalization would help improve your marketing campaign? It is through A/B testing. If you have personal information about your recipients i.e. name, location, interest & hobby, test the effectiveness of personalization in your email creative. Try different things within the content to see if conversions increase or if users become disinterested. Your goal should be to find the right balance between no personalization and too much of it.

Send Time : Most of the expert marketers are often asked repeatedly about their best day & time to send and email. Well, it actually depends on your business and kind of message your are sending. Type of audience also plays an important role to determine best day & time to send an email. You can easily determine best time to send emails for your campaign by A/B testing a simple timing experiment with a sample audience. You can also test timing on triggered messages.

Testing is an important tool for marketers to use for a better understanding of what makes their subscribers tick, improve open rate and click through.

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