The Power of content marketing

Back in October 2012, there was a survey conducted by 'Econsultancy' which found that "90% of brands felt that content marketing would become more important over the following 12 months". Today, in 2014 most of the B2B companies have actually realized the power of content marketing. 'Content marketing' is now one of the hottest trends in B2B sphere. One of the preferred medium for content marketing was emails. Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling to them. Still not sure about content marketing? Here are some points that will convince you of its power.

Earlier, the emails were sales oriented that sounded more like a sales pitch. But today they are more content oriented. A survey which was carried out in first half of 2013 compared sales based and content based emails. The results were in favor of content based emails. It was found that content based emails had "20% higher click-through rate", "87% lower opt-out rate" and it "generated 388% more leads" as compared to sales based emails.

Gone are the days, when your emails were pitching about the products or services. Today, with the evolution of 'content marketing', your emails deliver some quality information to your clients / customers that helps them in some way. Content marketing works on a principle that if you feed your customers with ongoing valuable information, they will ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.

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