Tips for Email Subject Lines

We get 100s of emails everyday and a majority of them never get opened. We are inundated with overload of information. Similarly there are high chances that the emails or the newsletter you send will be ignored, unless you have an impressive subject line. Below we have a set of tips for you to keep in mind when you write your email subject lines.

Avoid words that sound like a sales pitch:
Most email marketers are aware that the word 'Free' in their email subject line will trigger SPAM filters. But what they do not know is that they should also avoid words like 'help', 'percent off' or 'reminder' not because they will (always) trigger spam filters but because their subscribers will ignore them.

Personalize your email subject lines:
Emails with the recipient's first name in the subject line have a higher open rate (18.3% compared with 15.7%).

Do not repeat subject lines:
Keep your content fresh, and don’t repeat the same subject line for each campaign. If subscribers can’t tell what’s in your campaign from the subject line, they probably won’t open your campaign.

Keep the message straight forward:
Avoid splashy promotional phrases, phrases in all capital letters, or exclamation marks in your subject lines. Subject lines framed as questions often perform better.

Keep subject lines short :
According to a survey email subject lines with 6-10 word had a 21% open rate. Those with subject lines containing 5 or fewer words ranked second with a 16% open rate, and those with 11-15 words had a 14% open rate.

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