Tips for Organizing Webinar for Lead Generation

B2B buyers explore their opportunities (gain­ points) and search for answers to their problems (pain ­points) on their own. They do so by searching online or interacting with a preferred network of advisers, or sometimes both. Content marketing is a strategy that can ensure self­ discovery buyers find you when searching online and they find relevant information that involves their pain or gain points.

Organizing the webinar is the most effective content marketing strategy. This is the most helpful way in generating B2B leads. Webinars are often considered high value. People easily exchange their contact information because they get hand on training, expert knowledge right at their desk.

Tips for organizing webinar

1. Try to know the intent of your registrants

Try to gauge the intent of the registrants by asking them few questions on sign up page. These questions could be relating to your product or services. These questions may provide insight into the information your target audience is seeking.

2. Select topic

When hosting webinars to drive B2B leads select or identify topic which is of interest to your target audience. The topic should be related to the pain-points or gain­-points of your targeted audience. Create assets and gather information that truly speak about topic you have selected. Stay on topic throughout presentation.

3. Effective presenter or speaker

Though webinars are considered high value ,still it is very much possible that your attendees hop off or multitask during the session. To avoid this , it is extremely important that your webinar presenter should be compelling and effective. It is indeed a very challenging task to keep your attendees completely engaged online, but a talented presenter has that ability to engage the audience

4. Conducting survey at the end of the Webinar

Conduct a survey at the end of the webinar. This will help you to find out what the attendees liked or disliked about the presentation, content , topic. This is kind of evaluating your presentation. This will also help you to understand what information customers or attendees seek. This data can be helpful for preparing your future webinars.

5. Content of your presentation should be original

Create content which is original. Do lot of research before making your presentation. Understand the topic of presentation before explaining it to others. Content should be informative and educative , it should address the needs of your B2B prospective leads.

6. Create presentation for slideshare

Slideshare is loved by millions of users as well as all major search engines. Creating presentation for slideshare increases the visibility of your presentation.

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