Tips to Make Your Automated Emails Feel Personal

Automating your marketing activities can bring in lot of positive impact to your business. Marketing automation and email automation permits you to scale your initiatives without shedding preciseness. However, you do not want your automatized emails to really feel automatized. Instead, you want them to have that human and personal touch to develop connections.

If you have been thinking that with an email automation system in place, it id difficult to add that human & personal touch to your email campaigns, think again. Luckily automation can actually make your marketing more personal, and can also help you remain consistent in your messaging across every channel.

Following are few tips to make your automated emails feel more personal.

1. Introduce your Brand / Company as individual:
We, as human, are more likely to get connected well with humans as compared to a company or a brand. Keeping this behavior in mind, make sure that when you send automated emails to your prospects, introduce your brand as authentic and personal. The more personalized sender your emails has, the better the impact will be.

2. Audience Segmentation
Segmenting your audience is critical in case of business to business community. Every client is not the same. All businesses need to cater to diverse types of clients. Every client has distinctive needs to address. One type of email for all clients won’t make that connection with your prospect. Beyond geography, you might also consider segmenting your audience by gender, age, job title, company size, industry, interests, and more. Marketing automation makes segmentation easy to implement, helping you avoid this major (and surprisingly common) faux-pas.

3. Divide Customers into Buckets
At its core, personalization means connecting with a human voice and guiding your efforts to your clients as individuals. Segment your subscribers, customers and prospects according to their activity. Efficient and effective segmentation can be done by grouping customers by their browsing patterns, things they bought, and also their browsing activities. Make “buyer persona” of your prospects. Build out a complete hypothetical prospect who is demographically like your prospects, and who has the same issues. The more detailed, the better.

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