Tips To Write Landing Page Copy That Converts

Landing page is one of the effective ways of lead conversion. According to Marketing experiments Megan's Law increased conversions 63% by increasing continuity between an ad and landing page. . But sill few businesses face problem to build landing page that helps them in lead conversion. Building an effective landing page is one of the top most challenges faced by B2B marketers. An effective landing page copy can boost your lead conversion.

Following are the tips to write effective landing page copy.

Good Headlines

Don't use generic headlines. Your landing page headline should be descriptive enough to tell visitors what they will get from your landing page. For example if you are creating landing page to drive registration for your Webinar of latest trends in Marketing ,your headline should not be generic like “Welcome to [Company Name]. Instead of this generic headline use a descriptive headline like “Webinar: “explore latest marketing trends to market your business” This will clearly remind your visitor why are they on your landing page.

Avoid business jargon

Your landing page copy should be short sweet, and uncluttered. It should not have business jargon to tell about your brand and your goals. Make it about visitors. They should get information which is of their interest. Visitors are least bothered about your goals, how your brand is. They are only looking out for information about what you can do for them and how you can it improve their life

Define clear call to action

Define clear call to action. Your button text should also notify the call to action. Avoid using “submit” and “download” buttons. These buttons fail to explicitly tell visitors what they will receive in return for their information. Write your CTA buttons by taking clue from your headlines. Visitors from just a couple of words should know about the outcome when they click.

Try to use first person pronouns

Try to use first person pronouns for landing page button text. According to unbounce,Content verve landing page buttons that use first person pronouns have upto 90% CTRs than those with second person pronouns.

A./B test your landing page

It is necessary to A/B test your landing page to optimize the benefits of landing page This also helps you to boost your lead conversion rate. According to Conversion Rate Experts in a single landing page split test Moz was able to achieve a 52% increase in sales of its PRO membership. A/B testing of your landing page can help you to create excellent landing page by tweaking individual elements and seeing how they perform against the previous setup

These tips will definitely help you to write killer landing page copy to convert your leads.

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