Top technique for lead generation

If you are trying your luck to find the best technique for lead generation, look no further. If you are looking for some new ideas as to how emails can benefit your lead generation process, read the points mentioned below. Following are some of the tactics that you must try to leverage your lead generation efforts.

1) Offer an email newsletter with high-value, relevant content
The first thing to start with lead generation is to collect email address of people who could be your prospects. To do so, create lead capture form on your home page and other landing pages, that will help your collect prospect, name and email addresses.

2) Set up triggered emails
Triggered emails also known as 'autoresponders' are the emails which are sent when a visitor takes some action. These emails are automatically activated when a visitor / prospect takes a specific action. The action could be downloading a whitepaper, filling out a contact form, or placing an order. When a customer hits a trigger, the email marketing system automatically sends out a series of emails. These emails contain tailored content specific to user.

3) Segment emails according to subscriber behaviors
Segmenting your email list helps you create relevant content for your readers. And relevant emails get more open and click through rates. This content also help you get better sales results. This segmentation can be done on many factors like at the time of sign up, newsletter subscribers, prospects coming in from a landing page etc.

4) Gated content
The gated content help you drive traffic to a landing page and on the page, there is a small lead capture form where people enter their information in exchange for a free report or for a demo or for a free trial. You can also offer valuable content on your website and require the email address there.

5) Make your emails sharable
If a user finds your email content worth sharing with other people in his contact list, make sure they are able to do so on a range of social networks. To encourage a user to share your email with his friends, you can ask them to forward it, or you can add a share button in the email itself, ember pre-formatted tweets, add a signup link so that the people with whome it is shared with, can easily sign up. Add social sharing buttons so people can share your email on their social media accounts.

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