Uncomplicated Tips To Construct An Effective Email Subject Line

An email subject line plays an important role in deciding the fate of an email in any email marketing campaign. As per a subject line study conducted by MailChimp, keeping subject lines simple and to the point proved to be the most dominant factor in the success of open rate of over 200 million emails. As per the study, the factors that can assist you in increasing the open rate of your email are as under.

  1. Localization meaning including name of the city, area showed improved open rates. Personalization such as including names, however, it did not show significant success in open rates.

  2. Clear message in the subject line in every email. Never repeat the same subject line for various emails. Have a clear and correct subject line matching the content of the email.

  3. Ideal length of the subject line should be 50 characters or less. However, if your email really needs more text in the subject, do add it. It is acceptable as long as it conveys the message and helping the readers in some way.

  4. Use appropriate “From” information. Never hide or use confusing ‘from’ information. Your reader should easily identify where the email is coming from and from whom.

  5. Avoid words such as free, discount, offer, percent off, commission for you, and help. These words are more used by spammers and hence it is better to avoid them.

In short, it is always to encouraged to keep your subject line simple, to the point and information rich enticing the reader to open it up as soon as received.

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