Understanding the 'Sender-Score'

Give peanuts, get monkeys………. goes the saying!

This is completely true of marketing in the cyber world. Another way of putting this is “garbage in, garbage out”

E-mail marketing, for the decade plus existence has seen its shares of ups and downs and has finally settled as a medium of communication for most industries. Given its ease of use and economy, despite competition from other sources, it is going strong.

Its wide appeal and ability to be tweaked to individuals needs is reason enough for its being misused. Mail recipients for no fault of theirs had been at the receiving end of humongous quantities of unsolicited mails which had not only been irritating but some with virus-laden attachment also had the potential of disrupting the recipient’s entire set-up. To obviate this uncalled for menace, most e-mail service companies put in place elaborate filtering systems so advanced that they ironically have made life difficult for genuine marketers whose mails get stuck due to some or the other conditionality!

Life coming a full circle?  Seems so! From a time when the measure of marketing efforts online was the number of e-mail sent, it is now the numbers received in the recipient’s mail box without being bounced back.

For the marketer what then is the way to judge if a campaign is successful or otherwise?

Two words sum it up. Sender Score.

Operating on a “Return Path” traced by the e-mail, elaborate algorithms continuously rate the sender’s ability on a scale of 1 to 100 (with 1 being the least desirable and 100 the most) to place e-mail(s) in the intended recipients’ inbox. The rating so assigned judges the ISP’s attitude towards the marketer in terms of actions they intend to take. Return Path, a rating agency in its reports mentions that where an e-mail fails to make it to a recepient’s address, 80 out of 100 times, it is an issue with scores.

This rating is not a static and keeps changing on the numbers of e-mails sent. It is not legally binding on an ISP to visit the scores given by Sender Score despite which a marketer may face the heat from ESPs and ISPs as most rating methodologies to judge marketers are similar.

Score high to soar high!

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