Use These Implicit Criteria to Score Your Marketing Leads.

Lead scoring is the process of assigning a score to leads.This ranks them according to their readiness to buy. In the absence of lead scoring system , your sales team won’t be able to prioritize leads . Promising leads might be rejected; and sales team might chase those leads who are not yet ready to buy. Deciding lead scoring criteria is one of the steps involved in designing lead scoring model. These criteria can be classified into 3 categories (1)explicit, (2)implicit, and (3)negative. In this article we will take look at Implicit criteria

Implicit Criteria

Implicit data is information derived from analysis of explicit data. Following are the examples of Implicit data

1.Pages Visited

lead website behavior speaks about their level of interest with your business.. If a lead visits your About Us page it merely shows the interest in your business. This lead may not be ready to buy..If leads visits your pricing pages This shows the intent of the lead. This lead might be ready to buy.. This lead should receive a higher lead score..Don't consider just the number of pages a lead visits, but also consider types of pages they visit


Downloads are one of the most common criteria many marketers use. Lead can download whitepaper,ebook,etc .Scoring should be done based on the content asset he or she downloads. You can assign different score for each content type downloaded by lead.

3.How often a lead interacts with your website

You can assign the lead score based on how often a lead interacts with your website. Lead visiting your website 15 times will be scored high as compare to lead visiting your website 10 times. These visits shows the level of interest of the lead in your business and product.

4. Events attended

This includes your trade shows or conference attended by lead. This also include number of webinars attended. The lead attending your webinars and trade shows indicates high level of interest. You can assign different score for each event attended.

5. Form submission

You can use amount of data fields filled by visitor as an indication of interest. If you form has all data fields like name, address, email id, phone number , you can assign the score based on the fields filled by lead. For example if phone number is an optional data field in your form, you can give extra points to lead providing phone number.

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