Want to Embrace A/B testing? Here Is How You Do It.

A/B test is a kind of experiment showing two different versions of one piece of content. A/B testing improves effectiveness of your campaign. This helps to improve your conversion rate.

Here are the steps to start your A/B testing

1.Determine goal of your A/B testing

Before deciding the area of your A/B testing it is important to determine objective of your A/B testing. This goal may vary form business to business. For example B2B company might be interested in increasing their lead generation on the other hand an e-commerce, B2C company might be interested in increasing their sales.

This will enable you to decide the area of testing. For example to increase lead generation for B2B company lead generation forms and landing pages, website should be optimized. The reason is optimization of lead generation form and landing page will increase leads going into sales funnel. Alternatively if check out page is optimized, a B2C e-commerce company will get more sales

You can also analyze your analytics reports to determine the objective of your test..These reports will uncover following things for you
1..High bounce rate pages
2.abandonment points in your funnel
3.most valuable pages to your business
The pages with the high bounce rate page indicate that visitors aren’t finding what they’re looking for. Abandonment points, helps you to search for places on your site where you lose the most traffic.

2. Decide on the element to test

Once you determine your goal, you get clear idea on what page to test. Now you have to decide which element on page you want to test. Below are few examples
2.boffer text
data fields of your form
This list can be endless. There are many things to test.

3. Create your test

There are two parts to this step one is creative and another is technical. The creative part involves making another version of the element you want to test. Set up two design options for the element you want to test. For example creating another version of headline is creative part of test.. Technical part of test relates to technology you use to deliver each variation to your visitor.

4. Run your test

For running A/B test you should promote your A/B test content. promote your landing page across social, or even throw some PPC behind the blog post link to get enough people to see your test. Tailor your promotions if you are running test for specific audience. For example if you want to know how your Facebook followers respond to some changes in your landing page, then you need to promote your test content to only Facebook

5. wait for our A/B test to complete

Gather data until its significant. Keep promoting your test until it's statistically significant. You can select a time period of at least two weeks. The goal is to get a good cross-section of visitors testing the new design options. This is helpful to gather sufficient evidence to evaluate the effectiveness of your test and decide on further steps.

6. Evaluate the outcome of your A/B test

Evaluation of outcome is necessary to decide on next steps. Determine whether your test is statistically significant. The statistical significance of industry standard A/B test is 95%.
Evaluate your test results through the entire funnel not just at the page level. This is needed to see the effect of your test on any other part of your marketing funnel.

These tips will help you to start your A/B test. Good luck with your A/B test.

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