What other factors hamper email open rates?

Unable to improve your email rates? Working hard on your email subject line might help, but what if it is something else that's affecting your open rates? There are many other factors than just your email subject line that affects your open rates, such as:
  • Is your email Viewable :  If your email doesn't read well on a user's device, they will not open it. Instead they might trash it or mark it as spam. Before you send your emails, test them on different devices and different browsers to check if they display correctly.
  • Are you sending too many emails? If you’ve been emailing your audience every day or multiple times in a day, they may be fed up with you and won’t be as likely to open your emails if you’ve been making yourself an annoyance.
  • The time you send your emails also matters : The time when you send your emails also matters and has a definite impact on the email open rate. Many people don’t check their emails as often on the weekend.
  • The quality of your email list is also important : A targeted email list is far better than a non-targeted list. Also the source from where you bought your email list also matters. If it is a rented list, chances are that the vendor has also sold this list to others, hence it isn't high-quality, it may reflect in your open rates.
Hopefully, the points mentioned above will help you improve your email open rates.

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