What to Do When Your Leads Run Dry?

In today's world businesses are dealing with an educated and well informed group of prospects and customers. It is the era of information in which any and all answers are a mere Google search away. An information overdose has spoiled today's consumer, making them knowledgeable and well- informed group ever faced. Because of which buyers no longer trust businesses, easily. This distrust leads to parting ways from each other i.e. the business and the buyer. Hence your leads run dry.

So, the question arises: What do you do when your lead run dry or how do you obtain and retaiin a dry lead?

Focus on being Hyper Local: instead of targeting prospects all over, try to think about where your business is located and foocus on being hyperlocal. This means that all your attention should stay within a 3 - 6 miles radius from wherever your business is located. The main idea here is to get more leads, once you have it in your sales cycle, you can expand your area.

Data Mining : Taking advantage of the internet, pick an industry that you have had success with in the past. Focus on prospecting within that industry. To do so you can also use social media and search engines to gather all the required information. Once you have the contact information ready you can immediately start making contact.

Cold Call : Take the list that you created and start calling individuals on the list and fix up a meeting. Do not start a sales pictch straight away, but focus on the meeting.

Ask for referrals: If your prospect doesn't seem to be interested in your product or service, still put him into your sales funnel, follow up and ask if he knows anyone else who might be interested in the product or service you offer.

The key to generating leads is to keep trying. Never stop prospecting.

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