Which is the best day to send an Email?

The most important questions asked to an email marketer are how often you'll send and when you'll send. It may sound funny, but these two things really matter a lot. Sending poorly timed email or sending emails too often or not often enough, can create a bad impact on your email marketing campaign. In order to ensure a successful email campaign you must brainstorm to think 'When should you send your campaigns?'

While looking for an answer for when to send an email campaign, you will come across many studies claiming to know when is the best time to send an email campaign or newsletter. Majority of these studies and the data revealed have a common consensus. As per the data, the best days to send an email are:

- Tuesday
- Wednesday
- Thursday

Why? Simply because Monday is the day that most people start their work weeks. And it often filled with planning, meetings, briefings and driving the engine for the entire week. People literally do not have time to look at sales or promotional emails. Similarly, Friday is no good either. Many people are in a hurry to finish off their work and leave early or have already 'logged off 'and are in weekend mood / mode by the time noon strikes. Sending any promotional or sales email on Saturday is not a good idea, because Saturday is the only day of the week without a work day on back end. Most of the people spend this day outside their home and checking emails this day is not an important agenda.

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