Why Content Audit Is Necessary for Better B2B Company Website?

B2B company website is a reflection of brand, business, tone and style. The company website is a medium through which B2B companies communicate to people about their product ,services, and customers So website content is critical element to consider while building or redesigning a website. According to Jeffrey Zeldman“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

Performing a content audit is beneficial for creating effective website content..This involves documenting and evaluating website content to find out what existing content you have and what need to be added, deleted. This provides you great opportunity to analyze your website content for redundant and outdated data. It is advisable to document your website content like the link, titles, keywords, document type, owner/maintainer, and other key notes, this can help you to evaluate your Website content. This evaluation of company website content can give you insight into

1.Outdated news or events present on your company website
2.Useless and irrelevant information on your website
3.Broken links or missing content if any
4.Misguiding headers and page titles
5.Duplicate keywords and meta page description
This website content audit will help to plan what content need to be created.

B2B companies put in lot of time, resources, and energy into building a new website or redesigning an existing one but it’s crucial to devote time to perform a website content audit and develop a content strategy. . This will help B2B companies to ensure that their website is effective enough to achieve the goals of user and the business. B2B companies need to be mindful about their website content to achieve maximum website visitor engagement. If your B2B visitor stay on your website for a long time it will be helpful in improving your website bounce rate. Bounce rate measures the effectiveness of your website to engage your website visitor.

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