Why Content Curation Is An Integral Part Of Content Marketing?

Due to an information age buyers have become self guided. They prefer to research information online before taking any buying decision. This is where content marketing comes in picture. Content marketing is about creating consistent,relevant and valuable content to attract customers. To beat the online competition it is no longer enough to just provide benefits and information about your product and services, you need to provide additional information and resources to customers on topics relevant to them.

Some businesses prefer pure content creation and some prefer content curation. Content curation has become popular topic of discussion. Whether content curation is beneficial for content marketing? How should it be used for content marketing, these are usually the questions that come up while discussing content curation. In this article we will be discussing these questions.

What role content curation has in content marketing?

Content marketing is about attracting customers to business by providing valuable and relevant content. Due to an information age people are flooded with lot of information. Through content curation you can help your audience to get the most relevant information from the heap of information on the web. This makes you a valuable resource of information for them.

According to Ann Handley –ChiefContentOfficer, MarketingProfs It’s a way for organizations to further their role as a resource to their audience. Sifting through the mountain of web content and finding the tastiest, choicest bits for your readers is a great way to build trust and authority with them, and to become a valuable resource for them on any particular topic. What’s more, for organizations just getting into publishing online — for those just starting a blog, say, or a microsite — curated content can allow them to ramp up quickly, both from an SEO as well as content perspective.

How to use content curation in content marketing?

Don't rely on automated content curation services. Content curation is the art and science of finding and sharing quality content on a specific topic(relevant to your audience). Any art or science is incomplete without human touch, same principle applies to content curation as well. There are few content curation tools available in the market to make your work easy but still a human editor is needed to pick up the topics , filter out the crap and present the most relevant information to your audience.

You should use combination of curated content and original content
Your content should be combination of curated and original content. You should not rely solely on curated content for your content marketing. It should be an extension of original content ,it should not replace the content creation or original content.

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